The workshops will facilitate collaboration between scholars from diverse disciplines with a core of 13 members, and five overseas visitors, each associated with a specific workshop.

** = core member


Dr Anthony Bale, Department of English, Birkbeck College, University of London **
Jewish imagery and medieval devotional texts

Professor David Bates, Director of CEAS, University of East Anglia, Norwich **
Anglo-Norman Politics; crown and Jews

Professor Heather Blurton, University of California at Santa Barbara **
The Literature of Anglo-Norman England

Professor Paul Binski, Faculty of Architecture and History of Art, Cambridge **
Medieval Art and Religious Ideas (member of the Management Committee)

Professor David Carpenter, King's College London

Mr Sandy Heslop, School of World Art Studies and Museology, University of East Anglia **
Jews and Judaism in twelfth-century English art

Dr Elisabeth van Houts, Faculty of History, University of Cambridge **
Twelfth-century historiography and manuscripts

Ms Kati Ihnat, PhD student, Queen Mary, University of London **

Dr Tom Licence, University of East Anglia **

Professor Ora Limor, Open University of Israel and Clare Hall, Cambridge (2009/10) **
Jewish-Christian relations in late antiquity and the Middle Ages

Dr Julian Luxford, Department of Art History, University of St Andrews **
Monastic cult objects in medieval England

Dr William MacLehose, Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine at UCL **
History of children and medicine in the Middle Ages

Carole Rawcliffe, Department of History, University of East Anglia **
Medieval Norwich, attitudes to the body

Emily Rose, Princeton **
The history of ritual murder accusation; William of Norwich

Professor Nicholas Vincent, University of East Anglia **

Marina Warner, University of Essex, Colchester and Queen Mary University of London
Myths, fairy tales and children in world literature

Dr Simon Yarrow, Department of History, University of Birmingham **
Cults of saints in medieval England and France


Overseas Participants

Professor Susan Boynton, Department of Music, Columbia University
Medieval Music and Liturgy

Professor Ronnie Po-chia Hsia, Department of History, State University of Pennsylvania, University Park (PA)
The ritual murder accusation in late medieval and early modern Europe

Professor Ira Katznelson, Department of Politics, Columbia University, NY
Jews and the medieval English state

Professor Deeana Klepper, Boston University

Professor Sara Lipton, Department of History, SUNY – Stony Brook, USA
Jews and Judaism in medieval art

Professor Robert Stacey, University of Washington, Seattle, USA
Jews in Angevin England, anti-Jewish narratives in the 13th century