Aims and Objectives


Support for the exploration of the case of William of Norwich, as a platform for investigation of the nexus Youth, Violence and Cult. Over the three workshops the core group of experts - in history, art history, Norwich local history, medicine, literature, manuscripts and liturgy – will hear papers and discuss the case from inception (workshop I), to the establishment of the cult and its impact in 12th and 13th century England (workshop II), to the lasting effects, spread of cult, and lingering memory in late medieval and early modern Europe, and beyond (Workshop III).


The creation of a network of scholarship with an interactive website, on which summaries of workshops activities will be posted, sections of the Passio and a wide-ranging working bibliography will be shared. The website will provide a forum for debate with scholars beyond the workshop and its immediate circle.


Contribution to the historical assessment of the case of William of Norwich, the fruits of interdisciplinary exchange, with a special emphasis on the links between Youth and Cult as experienced within medieval religious cultures, and beyond.


Rethinking of approaches to narratives of abuse and violence associated with children and ‘dangerous’ groups