Public Lectures

26 March 2014 - Norwich Cathedral Hostry

Miri Rubin

William of Norwich: a study day

8 February 2014 - Historical Association Norwich and Norfolk Branch

Miri Rubin

Imagining the Jew: the birth of the myth of ritual murder in medieval England

26 February 2014 - Oxford Seminar in Advanced Jewish Studies: "On the Word of a Jew": Oaths, Testimonies and the Nature of Trust

Miri Rubin

Thinking like a Jew: Jewish voice in ‘The Life and Passion of William of Norwich'

30 January 2014 - Jewish History Seminar, Ludwig-Maximilian University, Munich

Miri Rubin

What happened in Norwich in 1144? Oblivion, Memory and the Child-Murder Accusation against Jews

28 August 2013 - The Jewish Historical Society of England 120th Anniversary Conference

Miri Rubin

What Happened in Norwich in 1144? How a Deadly Tale about Jews was Born in an English Provincial Town

26 May 2013 - Oxford Society of Medieval Studies, Harris Manchester College 

Miri Rubin

William of Norwich: the making of a child celebrity

3 April 2013 - MARCO, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Miri Rubin
Discussion of Introduction to William of Norwich Project

24 November 2011 - Immanuel School, Bushey

Miri Rubin
The Case of William of Norwich 1144

8 November 2011 - Departmental Lecture, University of Bristol

Miri Rubin

The Case of William of Norwich and its Aftermath

6 November 2011 - The Cambridge Limmud

Miri Rubin
Norwich 1150: The "Birth of Ritual Murder"?

13 October 2011 - Miller Center for Historical Studies, University of Maryland

Miri Rubin
William of Norwich: a Challenge to the Historian

28 April 2011 - University of Mainz

Miri Rubin

William of Norwich and the Challenge to the Cultural Historian

17 February 2011 - Centre for East Anglia Studies, University of East Anglia

Miri Rubin
William of Norwich: the Challenges to the Historian

17 May 2010 - The London Jewish Cultural Centre

Miri Rubin

16 November 2009 - Carolina Center for Jewish Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Miri Rubin
Ritual Murder in Norwich, 1144

3 September 2009 - Centre of East Anglian Studies (CEAS)

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Other Media

Making of a Martyr: William of Norwich and the Jews, History Today 60/6(2010), pp.48-54

Thomas of Monmouth, The Life and Passion of William of Norwich, trans. with an introduction Miri Rubin London: Penguin, 2014 (in press).

BBC Radio 4 programme presented by Miri Rubin, in planning with Producer Tom Alban