Timetable of Activities


Workshop I

Norwich – Setting the scene for the case of William of Norwich

3-4 September 2009, CEAS, University of East Anglia, Norwich

Law and government in twelfth-century Norwich
Jews in Medieval Norwich
Family life and work
Administration of the law
Cathedral and city
Overseas participant - Professor Stacey

Access event: Public lecture by Professor Sara Lipton
"The Norwich Roll of 1233, Reconsidered"


Workshop II

Cults of Youth

29 January 2010, Social Sciences Suite, Queen Mary, University of London

Perceptions of Youth and cults of young people
The cult of William of Norwich and its dissemination


Workshop III

Memory and Identity

17 May 2010, London Jewish Cultural Centre, New End Rd, London

English re-enactments of ritual murder
European spread
The making of the iconogrpahy of ritual murder

Access event: Ritual murder accusation – the English connection